Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 19 September 2021

Decisions, decisions, decisions in a changing world!

We sometimes think a past world was golden. But things were changing, even in Jesus’ time. He himself had to battle with change. “Show me the coin. Whose head is on it?”

So, we will be able to stay under water for months at a time…if and when we get our new Submarine(s)! Progress, maybe, but things change. Response to change is at best difficult, but we do need guidance. The disciples, even though they did not understand, still knew things were going to change. And they wished to be in the position of power when that happened. They had to learn the new rules for the new era. And the new rules turned their world upside down and should do the same for us.

In their society, the child had no legal status, was completely dependent upon others. By embracing the child Jesus turns another “commonly accepted decision” of the community upside down. The child (who is a social nonentity) is worthy of respect and care; so, from now on, ALL people are worthy of respect and care.

One disciple at least got the message. They all did in time, to various degrees. James is really worked up in today’s excerpt which we read. He would not have been popular with the hard-line members of his city who were always wanting to fight the invaders.

“Peacemakers, when they work for peace, sow the seeds which will bear fruit in holiness.”

We are all called to make decisions, even big decisions, and even every day.

We need to be guided by the Spirit and attempt to base those decisions on values that Jesus promotes. It’s tough and we may, at times, be treated like the virtuous of our first reading. We aim, nonetheless, to be a “welcomer, one who does it in his name”.

Mons Frank