Friends of Fr Caffarel

Oceania Super-Region Membership of “Friends of Fr Caffarel”


The request to open the cause for canonization of Fr Henri Caffarel, the first spiritual adviser and the predominant founder of the Teams Movement, was made in 2006 by the International Leading Team of Equipes Notre Dame.  It is well known that he was always aware of the signs of the times and even anticipated them and his words and teaching continue to have meaning for couples today.   He has been described by Monsignor Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris, as a “prophet for our times”.  The cause for canonization is a costly exercise and as is usual for every cause for canonization, an association known as “Friends of Fr Caffarel” was set up for this purpose.


The membership of “Friends of Fr Caffarel” is growing very slowly in the Oceania super-region.  Even though many Teams members may have limited knowledge about Fr Caffarel our lives have been blessed by the Movement and for many others in our Church, the Movement is a ‘well kept secret’.  The Movement would be given a huge boost if the first stage of Beatification, was achieved.

What can we do to help this process?

We can pray for the success of the cause and the  Prayer for Beatification.  The prayer has been written for this purpose and can be found on this page.  We need to ask God, through the intercession of Fr Caffarel, for a miracle because this is a sign that Fr Caffarel continues to work in this world, according to God’s will, for the benefit of people.

Prayer for Beatification

We can learn more about Fr Caffarel’s teachings and use the study topic that was launched in 2009 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Teams Movement.  The study topic ‘Father Henri Caffarel Prophet of Marriage’ can be sourced on the Oceania website

We can become a financial member of “Friends of Fr Caffarel”.  The membership fee is $25.00 AUD per couple or $15.00 AUD per person.  You can download the registration form with payment details from this page.

Registration form  – Fill out this form if you wish to subscribe to the Friends of Fr. Caffarel.



Many of articles in the Bulletins are Fr Caffarel’s writings and could make great study topics for the monthly meetings.

Les Amis du Père Caffarel – Friends of Father Caffarel website. (English)

Fr Caffarel Study Topic