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Teams: for Married Spirituality

Married Couples – of all ages

Teams is a lay movement within the Catholic Church that offers couples a chance to discover the Lord’s presence in their marriage and to live in Christian fellowship with other couples as a way of giving thanks to God and bearing witness to Him in the world. The goal of the movement is to help couples live their lives with more strength, light and hope.

The movement was formed in France in 1938 and now exists in many countries in the world. Max and Stephanie Charlesworth brought it to Australia, starting a Team in Victoria in 1960.

In Oceania, there are now some 180 Teams comprising about 1,700 members.

What is a Team?

Generally, a Team is a community of five to seven married couples and perhaps a spiritual counsellor, which meets one evening each month in the home of one of the couples.

They meet to share prayers, a simple meal, their life stories and events, their attempts to grow together as a couple in union with God, their thoughts on agreed discussion topics, and importantly, support each other in good times and in bad.

Team life is one of encounter and communion that builds our capacity for dialogue, mutual respect and openness. Over time, such a group sharing can create a community whose members grow in spirituality and support of one another. Members of Teams value the opportunity to be heard and accepted by others. However, there is no compulsion in all this and members are free to contribute, as they feel moved.
The monthly meeting follows an agreed format and is chaired by one of the couples. Where spiritual counsellors are included in individual Teams, they participate as equal members with unique gifts that can be shared with everyone else.

Each Team is autonomous and elects a ‘Responsible Couple’ each year to guide and co-ordinate its activities for the coming year. However, each Team is also part of a wider movement of Teams encompassing local, regional, national and international functions.

Team life does not consist simply of meetings. Couple spirituality is encouraged through practising ‘Endeavours’ that involve a rule of life, regular reading of the Bible, retreats, prayer, and interpersonal dialogue. Most teams could be expected to meet socially from time to time and to attend wider Teams and Church events.



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Upcoming Events

Feb 24 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Equipes Notre-Dame – Teams for Married Spirituality



23 Leeds St, Doncaster East VIC 3109



Theme – ‘To Fatima and back again’

Featuring a celebration of the 80th anniversary of the first-ever Teams meeting in Paris on 25 February 1939

Registration and Cuppa 8.30am (Program starts 9.00am)

Mass at 11.15 am in the parish church

The day will conclude at 3:00pm

Guest Speakers:

Chris and John Dighton (Oceania Couple, from Adelaide)

(See next page for more details)

Our Theme – ‘To Fatima and back again’

Oceania Couple Chris and John Dighton led the Oceania delegation of 43 Teams people, including two spiritual counsellors, to the International Gathering of the movement held in Fatima last July. The six-day event was attended by 9,000 people from around 80 countries.

But what has that event got to do with us Teams people in Australia who weren’t there? This is one of the questions that Chris and John will address in their talk.

Other questions they will address include:

  • What was the message of the International Gathering that all Teams people need to know about?
  • What contribution can an International Gathering make to the life of Teams in Australia?
  • What new initiatives are Teams developing, especially in relation to young couples and elderly people?
  • What did they learn or discover at the Gathering that has enriched their own life in Teams and/or their own spirituality?

Woven into the day will be a opportunities for people to pray together as couples, to have a time to talk together, and to come up with a plan for how they will contribute to the life of their Team this year.

The day will conclude with the commissioning of Responsible Couples for 2019.

All Vic-East Members and Responsible Couples/Persons are invited to come along and join in the day.

There is no cost for the day; however, you are asked to bring a plate to share for lunch. 


RSVP by Monday 18 February 2018

Bernadette & Robert Pell


(Phone 9421 3901)



Melway Map 47 Ref K2

Parking in School Grounds

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