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Last visiting 20 years ago, the International Responsible Team (ERI) visited Oceania in late October 2023.  A loving spirit, open-hearts and

Teams is a Movement for married couples and typically a team is a group of married couples who meet together monthly over

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Teams: for married spirituality

Teams is a lay movement within the Catholic Church that offers couples a chance to discover the Lord’s presence in their marriage and to live in Christian fellowship with other couples as a way of giving thanks to God and bearing witness to Him in the world. The goal of the movement is to help couples live their lives with more strength, light and hope.

The Movement was formed in France in 1933 and started in Australia in 1960

In Oceania, there are now some 120 Teams comprising about 1,180 members.

More about Teams

A lay movement within the Catholic Church

For married couples – of all ages

What is a team?

Generally, a Team is a community of five to seven married couples and perhaps a spiritual counsellor, which meets one evening each month in the home of one of the couples.

What do teams do?

They meet to share prayers, a simple meal, their life stories and events, their attempts to grow together as a couple in union with God, their thoughts on agreed discussion topics, and importantly, support each other in good times and in bad.

Supporting one another

Team life is one of encounter and communion that builds our capacity for dialogue, mutual respect and openness. Over time, such a group sharing can create a community whose members grow in spirituality and support of one another.