Our Mission

Live a selfless life

‘Together, in Christ, towards love, happiness and holiness…’
The Teams movement recognises that all Christians are called as individuals to live a selfless life and be constantly open to love. By regularly administering to one another through the gift of non-judgemental listening and openness, we become more tolerant and understanding of others, and more aware of the spiritual dimension in every person.

By sharing our struggles, joys and discoveries, we promote understanding and trust. This adds depth to the relationships of couples, and between couples and the wider community. A real community emerges when faith, love and trust are gradually built up between people.

Within Teams, couples help each other to follow Christ more fully and aim to put their love at His service.

Married couples of All Ages
A chance to Discover
A Time to Share
A Moment to Listen

Being in “Teams”

Belonging to ‘Teams’ opens up a whole new world for communication between husband and wife, and with other like-minded couples.

A team consists of five to seven couples and a spiritual Counsellor who meet once a month in each other’s homes. There they share a simple meal, pray together and discuss matters of life and faith.

Being in a team provides opportunities for personal growth and for growth as a couple.

A team is like a small Christian community in which couples of all ages and backgrounds support each other in living out their Christian values.

Team Endeavours

  • Every day read a little of God’s word
  • Every day talk a little to the Lord
  • Every day say a prayer or two with your partner (or family)
  • Every month share your thoughts with your partner
  • Choose an aspect of yourself that you might try to improve
  • Every year try to make a retreat with your partner