Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time 13 September 2020

All communities have their ups and downs, even the new Christian community that Matthew wrote for. Amongst others, Paul too, had a number of problems with the Corinthians. We have found ‘troubles’; some very peculiar to Covid-19, in our communities. 

Locally, school communities suffered, somewhat unjustly, when staff were reported as being positive with the bug. The social media had a field day spreading the gossip, not knowing all the facts and making the presumption that the individual had deliberately brought the bug to the school. Not much sympathy for the health and wellbeing of the person.

As the first reading says, “Resentment and anger, these are foul things…” Their effects can multiply as fast as the bug itself! 

Well, what can be done and what can you and I do?

First and foremost, we must believe in the importance of forgiveness. Whatever the injunctions in today’s scripture, and there are many, from our Christian perspective we begin with the words and action of Jesus from the Cross…

 “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

It is a high benchmark. It sealed his teaching. He left a legacy. The great dictators of the last 100 years, whether they be like the Hitlers and Maos of the world to the lesser villains like the Pol Pots, they did not leave a legacy of goodness. 

So, in our book we aim for quality not quantity.

We believe that the life and death of each of us can make a difference. 

We believe that to expect justice from God we must practise justice with all, and if we want mercy from God then we must be merciful to others.

Secondly, we must live what we proclaim.

In our increasingly semi-religious society, we need to bring our beliefs more to the surface and confront the increasingly harsh and judgemental atmosphere that surrounds us.

                “Not seven, I tell you but seventy-seven times.” 

Mons Frank

Vic East Gathering Day 2020

Theme – “Listen to what the Spirit is saying”

Stephen Reid discussed the submissions to the Plenary Council and summarised some themes of interest to Teams.

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Archbishop Peter Comensoli learned first-hand about Teams and shared his story with us and had a short Q & A session

The day concluded  with the commissioning of Responsible Couples for 2020.


All Vic-East Members and Responsible Couples/Persons are invited to come along and join in the day.
There is no cost for the day; however, you are asked to bring a plate to share for lunch.


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 5 July 2020

Many of us have been to Hong Kong. We have watched the action in that city, pre and post Covid-19. We have seen footage of brutal power being exercised since July 1.

I feel saddened for the families and my church-going friends still in that city facing the future. The chariots, horses and bows of the first reading are being rolled out again as we write… and there is no sign of a king coming to the people riding on a donkey!

We know that hundreds of years after this was written, Jesus himself rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, demonstrating his approach to power based on his teaching. Yet again, many dismissed this approach. But he did not back off. He kept proclaiming another way and, knowing that his way was revolutionary and people centred, he reminded those who choose this path that they will grow weary and feel overburdened. He, thus, calls us to come to him again and again. To our ears it sounds crazy. His yoke easy?  His burden light? 

Once again, the paradox of the Gospel.

Here in Australia and particularly Victoria, we are enduring, like the world, the hardships of Covid -19. Nothing to be compared with many other countries. That is not of great consolation when you live in certain designated postcodes, nor is it to be compared with the suffering of the poorest of the poor sifting through the tailings of the jade mines in Myanmar.


  • Can we smile a little more this week?
  • Can we offer a cheering word to those overburdened?
  • Can we petition more earnestly for the downtrodden of the world?
  • Can we ride into people’s lives…on a donkey?
  • Can we proclaim peace for the nations?
  • Can we help all we meet to find rest for their souls? 

Mons Frank


Pentecost Sunday – Holy Mass

June 1 @ 1:00 am – 2:00 am Melbourne Aust Time.

Dear friends,
We hope you’re all well!
It is with great joy that we invite you all to be present, via Internet, at the Holy Mass on Pentecost Sunday, 31st May (June 1 in Canberra). In some countries the Churches are still closed; in others they are already open. Whatever your case, we are counting on you to pray together, asking God to keep the Teams of Our Lady, their couples, priests and families.
Please extend this invitation to all the couples and spiritual counsellors in your Region. Attached are the posters in the 5 official languages of the Movement. Spread the word!
This will be a Mass celebrated from Bogotá, by Father Ricardo Londoño, and some couples will participate.
We are always united in prayer.
A big hug with friendship,
Dora & João with all the ERI


International times.

Bogotá – Sunday 31 May at 10:00am
Brasilia – Sunday 31 May at 12:00pm
Lome – Sunday 31 May at 3:00pm
Lisbonne – Sunday 31 May at 4:00 pm
Paris – Sunday 31 May at 5:00 pm
Rome – Sunday 31 May at 5:00 pm
CanberraMonday June 1 at 1:00 am

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