Sixth Sunday of Easter Year A

17 May 2020

The Scriptures this weekend take me back to that scene before Pilate; in his defence, Jesus reminded Pilate that he came to the world “to bear witness to the truth”.

         “Truth?” said Pilate “What is that?”

I am not sure, nor I believe is anyone sure, as to what Pilate meant. Was he disillusioned, angry, fed up with the crowd or just being a crafty public figure?

The current unseemly battle between the superpowers is eroding the pursuit of truth in finding a cure or vaccine for Covid-19.  In this current imbroglio, we are reminded that “the Spirit of truth” will be with us forever. Peter charges us to have an answer ready for people and to give it with “courtesy and respect”. Whilst the context of Peter’s advice is not that of ours in this current health crisis, we who believe in the dignity of every human being and the sanctity of life, have surely a voice in calling for a search for truth…perhaps our voice calmly raised at local and international levels can bring all differing parties together in the common cause of solving a major health crisis?

Mons Frank

Truth, we say, is the first casualty of war…and it would appear, not only war fought with guns.

We may feel helpless in this current news mess. Our individual voice at our local level may seem insignificant. We know we are not alone.

           “I will not leave you orphans”.

Let’s try to be agents for truth this week.

Mons Frank