Third Sunday of Lent    Year A     15 March 2020

“How am I to deal with this people?”

Frank Marriott – Victoria West

Moses was not the first to experience this dilemma, nor as the current challenge of the Corona virus daily illustrates, he is not the last.

That question reminds me of another Gospel question, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”

All God’s work in bringing the people out of Egypt was soon forgotten as the water and food began to run out…and there were no supermarkets to run to.  Samaria had a well. But the water did not quench the real thirst of the people.

In promising “living water”, at a well in Samaria to a woman and she a Samaritan, Jesus in effect was blowing apart boundaries that his Father had never desired and boundaries he, Jesus, was destined to break down. The earthly boundaries that existed at that well…between the sexes, between the religions, between the cultures and, indeed, between God and ourselves…all of them, in principle, fell apart when he spoke the words “I who am speaking to you, I am he”.

We all yearn for living water. May we take a step towards the well of life this weekend.

Mons Frank

P.S.  So far so good in talking about Teams and Cardijn in Darwin, despite the inevitable corona topic. The Football Grand Final is on today with St Mary’s and Nightcliffe playing in the big one tonight. Emeritus Bishop Hurley is down as Principal Patron…you guessed…of St Mary’s.