The Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time   Year A   23 February 2020

All Australians need Lent 2020.

The appalling events in Brisbane, the shocking destruction of the children in NSW, the seeming disappointment that only 63 people had availed themselves of the new Assisted Dying provisions of Victorian Law; let alone the failure of school authorities in recent years to appreciate the directions for Safe Schools. The list goes on this week, breakdowns with terrible outcomes, leaves us shaking our heads and many people in public life asking, “What’s going on?”

We all need a proper Lent…for all.

The coming forty days were, and continue to be, a precious time for all, especially for Christians, to take time to look at oneself in the light of the Resurrection.

Just what does the call of Jesus Christ mean for me?

Happily, the readings this weekend are a perfect platform to jump from into Lent, for all…if only all had access to the readings…to base our coming reflections, and hopefully, our committed response.

Leviticus 3000 plus years ago set out the basis…

“You must love your neighbour as yourself.”

Much later, Paul wrote, and we read it this weekend:

“Didn’t you realise that you were God’s temple?”

Let alone the urging of Jesus:

“You have heard how it was said…but I say this to you.”

St Augustine, after many years wandering in the worldly wilderness and being lauded for his intellect and his way with words and people, came to realise that our hearts are made for love, for the God who is love, and he changed his ways; the world was a better place, even if he did not win the civil war with the invading northern barbarians, as that time called them.

We have our barbarians today who desire their own ways in contradiction to the needs of the community and the concept of personal responsibility for ones’ own actions.

Let us discover new ways to proclaim our truths and to practise them.

Make this a real Lent.

Mons Frank.

P.S. Time just disappeared last week; perhaps a sign that I must work on this Lent.