Twenty Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

Justice and the Court House!

The TV loves to have those ‘door step’ in your face interviews which regularly begin with “Are you satisfied? ” or “Do you think the sentence was enough?” Rarely does the viewer receive any indication about the facts or the difficulties of the case. Today we have to grapple with an innocent petitioner who is being denied justice. Perhaps imagine the widow arriving swinging her old battered shopping bag and attempting to land a blow or two on the unjust judge. There is no sympathy for him. The law was clear. Any God-fearing jurist would feel obliged by the Torah to take special care of her. He did not. He was indifferent and did not change his mind until he realised that she meant business and he could end up with a black eye… and no one would care. He might even lose his job next time, if appointments were made! Perseverance!

So why is this parable directed to the disciples? We have just read a series of occasions with Jesus addressing all sorts of people and offering them the same message: a simple “Believe me and my words.” The common response was indifference and on occasions the leaders actually mocked him! He repeats the message again and again, just like the widow. Jesus wants justice for God’s chosen people.

It will take time, for we act a little like the unjust judge. We know we can do better. We know ‘the Torah’. But we delay, we procrastinate, we drag our feet. God is faithful and keeps banging us around our ears with the divine handbag.

God’s mercy and long suffering are not in doubt.

However, are there any ‘widows’ in our world today who “cry out to him day and night”?

Keep on keeping on!


Mons Frank

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