Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time    Year C  20 October 2019

I believe that our PM is being criticised because the man that believes in miracles also believes in prayer. The thought that prayer might break the drought is so offensive to some ears today. Surely it’s equally offensive to those inculcated by the scriptures and traditions; not only of the Christian faith but of so many faiths now present in Australia!

Chapter 18 of Luke has two explicit parables on prayer. As you might expect, today’s is directed to the “disciples” and hence to us.   Next week, Jesus addresses “certain people”. We will deal with them then.

Today is not about this or that way or method of prayer. Rather, it is simply teaching constancy and perseverance…keep at it. It is too simplistic to say that we are not praying enough for rain, maybe in our lately enlightened age that is true. But don’t laugh at those who offer prayers. We all have heard the old adage “more things are wrought by prayer”. Ask St Monica. Ask the lady next door.  She may well be like the Gospel lady! You can imagine her belting the unjust judge over the head with her handbag! You just don’t give up.

And our judge is not unjust.

As well as working miracles and acts of kindness, Jesus reminds us of the necessity of prayer; not only reminds us but leads by example. If you have stopped, start again…in the bedroom…under the tree…whilst walking the dog, or listening to music; it is not so hard, just start and keep starting.

Let us add to the long list of “widows” who cry out to him day and night.

Mons Frank


P.S. Apologies for no deliverance last weekend. The Adelaide Teams retreat was full on and driving took up valuable time. The retreat was grand, and Seven Hills in the Clare Valley has many wonderful attractions. I recommend a retreat there.

We ordained Shane Mackinlay with much joy on Wednesday as the Eighth Bishop of Sandhurst. We look forward in hope. May Shane lead the spring-cleaning.