Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

All journeys have a beginning and an end. Be it for Leonard Cohen, President Obama or the President elect Trump. As Jesus stands in the Temple reflecting and answering questions, he too, knows that his time on earth is numbered and so too for us, who try to live out the Liturgical cycle of the Church’s year. That end is nigh.

We are asked these latter days of our Liturgical year to have a good look at ourselves and come to this point: I have done something to advance the Kingdom of God this year or, maybe, I’ve let the team down and I ask for forgiveness. I will do better next year.

The Prophet Malachi reminds us that an account will be asked of us and of our nation. In faith we are not alone nor are we exempt. We must produce fruit according to His principles. Paul’ s observation that if he won’t work then let him not eat, may seem at odds in today’s society, but look at his instruction a little more carefully. In today’s world, again, the Gospel image of standing in the Court of one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Temple of Herod, and pondering its significance, is at sharp contrast with the word rumbling in our ears as we ponder the latest high rise….”They intend to pull it down in thirty years.” Pull it down! We have not here a lasting city, is so true for us. That approach may well be a 2016 comment on “Take care not to be deceived”.

We are not to be frightened that the time has come. However, we need to be on our guard…our loving God will come to take us into his love. Let us be prepared to accept that offering next weekend as we end the 2016 Liturgical year.


Mons Frank

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