Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time  Year C     10 November 2019

‘Extinction Rebellion’ reminds me of the oft quoted phrase, “the end is nigh!”  Whatever about the current expression, for us praying the Liturgical cycle the other quote is accurate…

The current Liturgical Sunday cycle ends on November 24.

We need to prepare to celebrate our 2019 good deeds for the kingdom on that Sunday as we celebrate Christ our King.

Our reflections with Luke and the other readings this week point us to the great truth of the resurrection. We meet today some of those who did not believe in the resurrection; the other reading point towards that truth we all ultimately needed: “Christ to rise from the dead”. That truth confirms those indicators found emerging amongst the Jewish community, even the Pharisees had come to believe in the resurrection.

Funny, in a sense, how God is so patient with us mortals.

He gave the human race, and particularly the Sons of Abraham, time to muddle through and allow the concept of ‘resurrection’ to emerge by way of their prayerful pondering and thoughts. Our instant generation would not be happy with that approach. “What do we want?  We want the truth (I wonder) NOW!”

Well…it seems that is not how God usually works.

So, our Liturgical year wanders along, recalling the obstacles, recalling the arguments, asking us to review where we are at in the light of the evidence placed before us. And like the original journey to Jerusalem, assisting us each year to make a fresh commitment to the great truth. “Christ is Risen.” As has been said, “God raises the dead to life as easily as God gives life in the first place”.

The Psalm is well worth a slow reading this Sunday.

We all hope to awake “with the sight of your glory.”


Mons Frank