Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

The liturgical year is all but over. Two weeks to go.

The Gospel of Luke is reaching its climax. We have arrived at Jerusalem. We are in the Temple precinct and Jesus publicly is facing down his enemies, one by one, destroying their arguments in front of the people, and thus stirring the opposition into the mood for acting against him.

There are five incidents reported by Luke in this section:

  • Taxes to Caesar
  • The Resurrection
  • About David’s son
  • The polemic against the scribes
  • The story of the widow

All worth a read but keep in mind the situation. The Prophet with new insights is tackling the old guard. All in the Temple area, in front of the people looking for hope and deliverance from their oppression.

For good measure, Luke has Jesus introducing the fact of Angels, a provocation to the Sadducees, but a reminder of what happened to Stephen who saw the Angel coming down from heaven. Angels are real. Another form of the great creativity of an all loving Creator.

We reflect that this story, and the others in this section, give to us a glimpse of the Kingdom, vastly different to that taught and hoped for by the then Leaders of the people. Some say that this little section is really the icing on the cake of his teaching. God raises the dead just as easily as He gives life in the first place.

So, we are children of the Resurrection. We celebrate both the Saints and the s  ouls and hope to be numbered in their ranks. Now, but certainly in the future…and forever! Amen.


Mons Frank

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