Second Sunday of Easter

“You may have life through his name.”

Many of you are aware of the fracas surrounding the Mosque being proposed for Bendigo. Confronting that, raises questions for all. It has caused me to chat with people that I would not normally meet, to read what was not on my radar, to attempt to find a way to support the newcomers and their differences and to alert basic goodness in those condemned for what crazed fanatics are doing in their global name, without their local approbation.

A column by Henry Ergas in the ‘Australian’ on Monday was drawn to my attention. It was obviously written before the cowardly attack upon the Christian and others in Lahore on Easter Sunday. Ergas compiles a list of attacks and associated words such as “what I must tell you is that our youth cherishes death as much as yours values life.”

We are a people of the Resurrection and as such are to bring life in all its fullness to our world. Hence, we don’t simply say our prayers. We build schools, organise health clinics, run hospitals. . . .  in a sense do what Peter did in today’s reading. Very early, Jesus’ proclamation “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full,” stirred those hearers to make a break from the restrictive shackles of the old order and to accept that Jesus “was the living one.“ “I was dead but now I am to live for ever and ever.”

The image of the Disciples huddled together “in the room where the Disciples were for fear of the Jews” can never be the truth we convey to the world. Our Faith is a life-giving faith and today is called to confront the cult of death in so many ways.

We proclaim “my Lord and my God” and get on with the mission to bring LIFE to the World.

Mons Frank

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