Second Sunday of Easter 24 April 2022

“In times when we are shocked by scandals

And mediocrity, remind us

that life does come through dying

And in the breaking of the bread.”

Our gospel today contains elements of mediocrity, gathered “for fear of the Jews”, and scandal perhaps. “Unless I see the holes…” Thomas was not prepared to accept the testimony of his friends, “We have seen the Lord”. Even after all this, they were back in the room but “the doors were closed”. Maybe some of the minds too!

You don’t bump into a “resurrected” person every day of the week.

And in the midst of all this, the beautiful greeting, “Peace be with you” may have been initially one challenge too much! Peace in the middle of all this mess. One can almost hear the chorus “No way!”

In time, they learnt that peace was present in the reality of Jesus.

Many have reported that the Easter ceremonies were wonderfully attended this year. Does that mean that we have learnt something at last, despite the pandemic and the current war? Or does it mean that we are trying to be a sign of peace to the current generation? Maybe we have discovered that it is good to gather together, like the disciples on that fateful occasion, and take comfort in the community. Hopefully, the Risen Lord will become present to us as He was to them, despite our fears and doubts.

And, if we jump that hurdle and gain confidence, then maybe we, too, will work signs and wonders as the first disciples did. Then we, too, may be instructed to “write down all that we see of present happenings” to give encouragement to the coming generations.

“Life does come through dying

And in the breaking of the bread.”

Mons Frank