Piloting Resources for New Teams


Over many years there has been a great deal of work done to prepare and update the Piloting materials for new Teams.  Summaries of these materials are listed below and copies of the full documents are available through the Oceania Team Regional Couples.

  • A Guide for Piloting a New Team –

In the early 1990s a group of couples and a Teams chaplain met at the request of the South Australian sector team. Their task was to adapt the movement’s piloting literature to be more fully in line with the principles of adult education. The sector felt that previous piloting processes were too didactic and wanted something more in line with the spirit of Teams as a movement of growth through experience.

The Oceania Team asked South Australia to revisit the material in 2014. The piloting material that has been developed  is the fruit of the work of that original group and of 20 years of refining it continuously as new Teams were piloted.

Resources written and compiled by Penny and Peter Cahalan.  With thanks to:  Petra and Terry McDevitt, Barbara and Justin O’Halloran, Shirley and Frank van der Linden, Theresa and Frank Wolff, Sr. Carmel Pilcher RSJ.

This prepared series for the first six meetings of a new Team, are ready to be edited with Meeting details and used.
Originally developed in South Australia by the Tooheys and Edited in Qld by the Taylor’s, these first six meetings provide a good foundation to start a new Team.


This manual is almost completely based on a UK publication and their assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Additions and Revisions have been added by Victoria East in November 2012.



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