ERI and Oceania Super-Region Meeting 2023

ERI and Oceania Super-Region (SR) Meeting 2023

Last visiting 20 years ago, the International Responsible Team (ERI) visited Oceania in late October 2023.  A loving spirit, open-hearts and listening ears characterised the gathering in Adelaide, South Australia, uniting face to face and online Teams members from across Oceania and the members of the ERI.
A beautiful, inspirational Blessing from Aotearoa New Zealand used to open the gathering on Sunday 29 October:

Bishop of Auckland, Steve Lowe, reflects on Aotearoa New Zealand spirituality and the Teams, charism.

John and Roula Tannous, Regional Couple for NSW and ACT, provide a summary of the Maronite Church and Teams growth in NSW.

Communications Couple in the 2018-2024 International Responsible Team (ERI), Mercedes and Alberto Pérez Gómez-Ferrer, present powerfully on Vocation, Mission and Service in Teams.

Bishop of Darwin and the Northern Territory, Charles Gauci, sends greetings to the Adelaide gathering of Teams.

Bob Dixon, long time Vic East Teams member and Foundation Director (Retired) of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Pastoral Research Office, shares fascinating data and challenges the Church in Australia faces in “Catholics in Australia Today; the current situation”
Phil Billington, Vic West Teams member and Spiritual Adviser, shares on attitudes towards marriage, children and other realities for Teams in her informative presentation “The Context of Teams in Oceania and relationship with Church – some Trends”.

International Leading Team (ERI)