New Year’s Day Year A January 1 2023

Liturgical feast of the Solemnity of Mary. Pope Paul VI declared this day to be called “World Day of Peace.”

“Peace in our time” was the hope of that British Prime Minister; in vain. For as he spoke on one page of the agreement, the response on the other page was World War Two.

The birth of the Prince of Peace aroused the anger of Herod and the death of the babes of Bethlehem.

Despite the rejection of his teaching, Jesus still spoke of peace.

Peace I leave with you, my Peace I give to you”.

So often we resort to violence, and nations wage wars.

“Give God a go” is the message of a recent Book by Sven Brinkmann (Year with God: Faith for Doubters).

Whatever the content of the book, the concept of “Give God a go” is surely a great starting point for a New Year’s resolution!

Mary, in saying YES, gave God a go!

A YES for her time; and a YES for all times for those genuinely seeking resolution to their fears or hopes.

For those who have opted to give God a go, perhaps the call for the coming year is to proclaim, to agitate more and more for peace to those who seek the path of violence. Pause and at least consider another way!

In his many calls for peace in the past twelve months, Pope Francis has urged us to speak with the heart.

Another of his words were these:

“I ask for a peaceful dialogue that allows for uncomfortable truths to be spoken of without resorting to contentious and hostile debate”.

Good advice not only for the big powers but for each one of us.

There was a peaceful dialogue between Mary and the angel.

She became the mother of Jesus and from the cross given to us as our mother. Such dialogue has changed the world in many ways, and will change us all if we pursue that path.

Give God a go.

Let each of us be messengers of peace in 2023.


Mons Frank