Christmas Day 25 December 2022

I often walk at a reasonable time, say 8 to 9am, not running nowadays, trying to greet those of similar needs. Sadly, there are those who grunt, those who greet whilst reading their phone messages, and those who pass by on the other flank. Covid awareness I suppose. There are those who respond.

Today, at that time, it was different. Very little traffic on foot or vehicle. The morning heralded a big blue sky, was warm and pleasant. I passed the Bendigo Bowling Club…all quiet. No humming of the grass cutters, no bustling of the ground staff preparing for the day’s competition, just quiet. It almost felt as if the whole of creation was having a rest whilst awaiting, waiting for Good News.

The line from Luke’s Gospel in his account of the birth and circumcision of John the Baptist has been haunting me these past hours…

“But no one in your family has that name.”

So often in our world we are hobbled by expressions reflecting that sentiment,

“It’s always done this way.”

“No one has ever done this before.”

“You can’t do that.”

No one dreamed of sending a babe to be the source of New Life, salvation and to be the bringer of peace to us. None of the great Despots, Emperors, Caliphs, Monarchs, Kings or Princes provided that sort of hope or comfort. We accept The Child and His Gifts. we take comfort in the truth that our God is free to do what is best and not hamstrung by…

“You can’t do that because it has never been done before.”

It seemed to me this morning that, for a brief moment, the whole of creation was preparing in peace and quiet to say thanks. Thanks that you have come to bring hope to a confused and conflicted world; but to a world with healthy pockets of wonderful people who have seen the Child, believed the implicit message and given their lives to following the Way.

As is said:

  • God is not finished with us,
  • God does not give up on us,
  • God continues to love us.

May we return that love this Christmas.

Mons Frank

P.S. Thanks for your company these past months. I hope to resume in the new year… Be with your families in peace, hope and thankfulness this Christmas Day.