Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time 9 October 2022

The role and power of the individual.

Both the world and the Scripture this weekend alert us to the gift of being an individual…and the responsibility that accompanies that gift. Not all act with the total good of the community in mind.

Some come loaded down by their perceived vision and determined not to listen to those they seek assistance from, e.g., Naaman. Others act demanding complete acquiesce by all to their notion of what is good for all, e.g., Putin. Some demand healing and forget to say thanks, e.g., the lepers.

The Good News of Jesus offers the individual a journey of life, and of eternal life. For some reason, many individuals can’t accept the twofold package, and actively oppose those striving to live the good news…similar to the nine, counted amongst the chosen, but not willing to go beyond the new chance of being accepted back into community life.

Our efforts to present Good News today are often resisted with insults and derision. Even Paul was so attacked and imprisoned on more than one occasion.

We take consolation in his reminder that “they cannot chain up God’s News.”

This weekend sees the human race seriously being asked to consider preparations for a nuclear conflict. Madness. Insanity.

Many good people are offering healing as Jesus did for those out of step with the community. Civic leaders, religious leaders, and their efforts supported by the prayers of we ordinary folk.

Individuals can, and do, have a voice and can be a power for good or evil.

Let us strive, let us hold firm, that his vision of humanity will prevail.

A kingdom of peace and justice.

A kingdom of truth and life.

A kingdom of holiness and grace.

Mons Frank