Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 7 August 2022

A jam-packed set of readings this weekend.

Almost need a full day to unpack; but, as we have all engaged in “spring cleaning” this past week, then we will have a little more time to delve into the Word presented.

On the other hand, can we try to link “faith” and the “apron”; and keep in mind that tomorrow is Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day.

Faith…this concept is being bagged intensively in recent days, and not just religious faith. We need basic faith to make our society run. Red lights are not green. Push the up button and we expect to go up. Flick the switch and we expect light. An inspiration comes and, despite the opposition, schools are set up for the poor. Thanks, Mary!

There are many layers to, and of, faith; each presents challenges, and all meet opposition. It seems that for many people, faith is the greatest challenge to expressions of their so-called order. Hence, opposition to religious faith in so many parts of our world.

Faith needs the weapon of “the apron”. The true response of genuine faith is expressed by the sharing of possessions. I suggest that the symbolism of putting on the apron, sitting the guests down at table and serving them becomes a benchmark for we people of faith and gives us greater authority when speaking about faith.

Too many households have lost the table to gather and eat and many, indeed, have forgotten the truth of wearing the apron. Jesus himself donned the apron at the Last Supper. Mary MacKillop, in so many ways, added the apron to the call of her followers.

We, with lesser authority but with appropriate responsibility, need to wear the apron as well, as we chat about faith.


Mons Frank