Trinity Sunday 12 June 2022

“God is mysterious”, so the semi confident voice proclaimed.

After a pause, I replied that God is a mystery…how we talk about God can be very mysterious! All powerful, vexatious, indifferent, angry, inactive, deaf, and the list goes on.

The Christian replies God is love, is active and, when pressed, God is Trinity. Some of which explains why it took the great minds of the Church nearly 300 years to agree on a formulation of words that could be used to speak about God. When we use the Nicene Creed at Mass or in our private prayer, we use words sanctified by many centuries of use.

Those words may in fact help us along the way to entering the mystery but, by definition, we humans that are restless until we put our name to things or people, have to learn to be patient and allow the Spirit to gently lead us into the mystery of God.

Liturgically wise, the Church celebrates today the reality of three great feasts of the Calendar… Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. These feasts bring together aspects of the living Godhead that accompany the gift of Jesus Christ. This Feast is complemented by Corpus Christi next Sunday, reminding us of the Divine nature of Jesus and by Sacred Heart on Friday week. That Feast reminds us of the human nature of Jesus.

All that then helps or hinders us in deciding whether talking about God is mysterious or confirms that it is a mystery!

None of which should prevent us from often thinking about THE TRUTH OF GOD.

For us, God is in all the mess we create and endure; God remains a God of love…God loves each one of us.

That, indeed, is mysterious, especially when we blow one another up. That indeed is a mystery.

Mons Frank

P.S. Suggest “Come Holy Spirit” often!