The Second Sunday of Easter 11 April 2021

Do we move from safety to security? 

Or is it from security to safety? 

The Gospel this week begins with the chosen ones meeting behind closed doors, “for fear of the Jews” as John puts it. Closed doors were not an impediment to Jesus! 

Despite all the walking and talking and instruction they had received, despite all the information brought to them by Mary Magdalene, let alone the reports of Peter and John, they gathered, locked up. That seemed to be the best option. 

What do you think when, and perhaps only occasionally, you travel by train, perhaps by tram and the conductor or the automated voice reminds you that you ought “be mindful of the gap”. So, you leave the safety of the carriage for the security of the platform or vice versa. A gap has to be overcome.

Thomas did so in moving to “My Lord and my God!” All the Apostolates had to make that leap and each of us must do so, and some of us, even daily.

Fear has to be replaced by peace. 

Peace arrived at, leads to service. 

Service to others brings change, and in time belief…

That process is a wonderful affirmation of “Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe.”

I hope your Easter Octave has been fruitful and that you have been energised in recalling and celebrating the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Mons Frank