The Epiphany of the Lord - 3 January 2021

Well…not too many bangs to welcome 2021, many whimpers and in our border towns much confusion, many delays, and the returning holiday makers then faced seemingly compulsory tests even if their travels did not take them within 100 kms of the hot spots.

At least the Magi received their message in a dream…

Herod did not know they had left. Our modern day “Herods” make sure the world hears but can’t assume, let alone be assured, that we listen and act.

Fascinating that the birth of the child, destined to preach Good News provokes hostility before he can even walk!

Isaiah had spoken about the one to come. He had urged people to “lift up your eyes and look round”, an ancient suggestion translated in our times by the injunction to “read the signs of the times”. It seems that the Magi, representatives of the “pagan nations”, were more astute than the representatives of the chosen people.

Nonetheless, and in spite of all the difficulties, the harassment of the people, the murder of the baby boys, the fleeing into Egypt …………

   *The quest for truth received a definitive and extraordinary thrust

   *The spirit of openness to all people was announced

   *And there is in the written record a refusal to paper over the cracks in the days ahead to effect cheap    

No wonder the Magi came armed with gifts! 

So, let’s begin our journey together for another wonderful year.

By the way, what gifts are you going to carry in your travel bag this year?

Mons Frank