Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 8 November 2020

Presence is often more important than perfection.


Stick around and share in the light or race off and see what shop is open.

There seems enough light available to welcome the bridal party; gatecrash with the light of those who read the signs. And ask forgiveness, once you were in!

I think the crafty steward who knew he was caught out but discounted his masters debtors (probably sacrificed most of his entitlement), but ensured a house or two that would welcome him in the future, I think he would have remained..and perhaps found some oil for the others after the party.

Presence is important.

At the moment, many are seated at the bridegroom’s door awaiting it to open. Some do have oil for a long wait. Others, well it will be a close call.

Are we able to discern between the groups on our doorstep?

Can we be the provider of oil to sustain people as they wait and wait and wait?


What to do! Where to turn! What to say!

The words in the reading from Wisdom this day may be a starting point:

“Watch for her early and you will have no trouble; you will find her sitting at your gates.”

We are nearing the end of the Liturgical Year. A year like no other in our lifetime… Just check your own lamp and make sure you have enough oil for the final laps!

Mons Frank