Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time 23 August 2020

Who do you think you are?

That attitude was behind many of the incidents involving people caught in violation of some regulation during our Covid-19 shutdown. The ‘offender’ responded to the officer by questioning her or his credentials. In doing so, scant regard was shown to the general community, almost an attitude of “I’m alright, I’m correct, who do you think you are?” 

One aspect of our faith is based upon the opposite stance, “Who do you say I am?”

The first scenario created anger, division, and a certain amount of opprobrium. The second requires a soul search and a decision based upon experience and proper judgement. One creates negativity, the other the possibility of new life.

Happily, Peter, despite his obvious humanity, made the right call and Matthew records the incident, perhaps twenty or so years later, when writing for his new community, the one called “Church”, as distinct from the continuing “Synagogue”.

As we grow, we all have to respond to the following questions at one time or another and, perhaps, on many occasions: 

How…we perceive ourselves?

How…others perceive us?

How…our friends perceive us?

How…God perceives us?

All that can be quite confronting…but if we try, then we will be more able to answer the great question posed by Jesus “Who do you say I am?” and confidently affirm, like Peter, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”


Mons Frank