Fourth Sunday of Advent 18 December 2022

Angels’ Candle…the message of PEACE, with the caveat, “to people of good will”.

Just as if we did not have enough evidence of people ignoring the above caveat… more hangings of the young in Myanmar, more cruise missiles dropping all over Ukraine, here at home in Queensland we suffered the shock and subsequent trauma of the murder of the police and friendly neighbour.

We lament and pray for the suffering and petition yet again for change.

The innate desire of good people for justice and peace and change is illustrated by Isaiah…

Change is difficult when one is on the wrong path. Ask the recovered alcoholic or gambler. Addiction, in even less disastrous forms, can often prevent a desire to be free, to be released.

A breakthrough is necessary.

I recent spoke with a friend of a petty criminal whose life was changed by the birth of a baby; his with a girl that he then fell deeply in love with. Changed his employment, settled down and, at the moment, the family is five and all is well. As he said, the miracle of the baby smacked him right between the eyes

Isaiah revealed that in time the maiden would be with child and the babe would be called Emmanuel! In our rich history the gift of the child is associated with the concept of change and peace, a peace the world cannot give.

It is a peace that allows the wisdom of God to enter our lives. Sadly, there are still so many “who are not satisfied with trying the patience of men without trying the patience of God too”. That wisdom chose in love to send us a child as a sign, and as a reality, that true peace begins in us in quite a different way. We have to be open to what the new life of the child can teach us and of the love that the child needs to grow and become a child of God.

Peace is not as we often are told, simply the absence of violence and war.

So, we ponder this concept of peace this week.

Make an effort to be calm in the midst of the shopping rush and the frantic pace to be ‘finished’ in time for Christmas. Bring moments of peace to your household.

Mons Frank