Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe 20 November 2022

We have made it. We are at the end of Luke’s road! We have reached the pinnacle of Jerusalem, Calvary!

We have met so many different people; some even with personal names, e.g., Zacchaeus.

We add today…

the people, silent but watching

the leaders, jeering

the soldiers, mocking

the criminals, one abusing Jesus, one rebuking his companion.

I wonder…what group might I have joined on that fateful day?

So many were worried about salvation!

The leaders…he saved others…let him save himself if he is the Christ of God, the chosen one.

The soldiers…if you are the king of the Jews save yourself.

One criminal…are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us as well.

The people were silent…had they repented or were just powerless in the face of so much hatred and injustice?

I wonder. Would I have been silent or…?

Jesus spoke so much about love, mercy, forgiveness. Just like Pope Francis for Ukraine, Myanmar, refugees, and the poor. All Jesus’ and the Pope’s words, part of the message of “salvation”.

Here we are at the end of the road, and one of the lost, lonely, and the last, in that society suddenly speaks for all: “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

That is the word we would all like to utter as our time draws near and to hear the response from the wooden cross (and not from a gilded chair like that of Pilate) that demonstrates that Jesus is what the sign says, THE KING OF THE JEWS!

Present your 2022 deed to the true king tomorrow.

Give thanks that we have been able to accompany Luke and to have joined his account of the birth, preaching and teaching of Jesus and be there for the great manifestation of what Paul called the creation of “a place for us in the kingdom of the Son whom he loves”.

Thanks to all for being with us on our 2022 journey.

See you in Advent.

Mons Frank