Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time 15 November 2020

The end is nigh!

I am not referring to a successful conquering of the coronavirus in Victoria (fifteen days of no deaths and no recorded cases is worthy of mention) nor to the activities in the USA. Nor that there be but forty days to Christmas.

Next Sunday, celebrated as the Feast of Christ the King, is the final Sunday of our current Liturgical Year. The scripture for these last two Sundays has a focus on “the end” or, better still, the immediate preparation to meet our God face to face. Such is the circle of our Liturgical life. 

We look at “the end” through rather different spectacles this year. None of us has lived through the differing circumstances that have changed our normal lifestyles and that are leading us to what is being called “Covid -normal”.

Whatever, the principle message remains. We are all given gifts. Some, it seems, more. We are asked to use these gifts to enrich our community, to practise the Beatitudes or, as is becoming more popular today, to live the prayer of St Francis of Assisi; “Where there is hatred, let me sow love” is a good place to start in our current broken world.

Gifts are given to help us grow, not to be hidden away. False humility tends to bury the gifts; an insult to the giver and a sad commentary on the receiver.

The gift of Jesus to the world was indeed one of many talents offered to us in the past 2000 years. Many have returned that gift handsomely. Sadly, some have buried that gift; indeed an insult. 

What gift will we return to the Master at the end of this year’s trading? 

Let’s sweep out our house this week and make sure we have a worthy gift to return to our gift giver next Sunday.

Mons Frank