Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time 11 October 2020

To the same people, the leaders, chief Priests and Pharisees, yet another invitation is issued by Jesus, to join the new understanding of the Kingdom of God or, as some prefer, the Reign of God. Despite their city being burnt, a veiled reference by Matthew to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE, he has Jesus saying, “it is never too late to make your commitment!” 

The parable makes the point that it is not enough to show up at the banquet. One must be prepared to enter into the banquet as a full participant. That call of the Church during the Second Vatican Council to “full active conscious participation” not only in the Liturgy but, also, in the general life of the Church, echoes the call of the King.

We still have a few hurdles to overcome…by all.

Simone concluded her interview with these words, “I don’t know how to pray much. But I think that we must offer God the trials we experience and the graces we receive, even when we don’t know what he will do with them.”

And that is part of the mystery of the banquet because the banquet is, in reality, the mystery of God.

If you haven’t picked up the wedding garment, or perhaps laid it aside, the time is now. Accept the invitation, again. We are called to live in the Lord’s own house for ever and ever.

Mons Frank