Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 7 February 2021

Read slowly the Scripture from Job today before venturing into the Gospel.

Words written perhaps 2500 years ago describe the many fears experienced by many people in these past twelve Covid-19 pandemic months. “Restlessly I fret till twilight fails.”

How often we have been reminded, “Remember that my life is but a breath.”

I have read that it takes sixteen hands of eight strong nurses to gently turn a Covid patient enabling them to breathe more easily.

It took one gentle hand of Jesus to expel the fever from Simon’s mother-in-law.

Fear of the “devils” or “unclean spirits” has dominated these early words from Mark. Our generation is experiencing fear in a manner that it has never experienced.

Where will it experience the gentle touch of the caring Jesus?

One lament in recent times was the absence of the hug, of the handshake, of the cuddle given by the grannies, let alone the kiss of friendship and of peace. Touch is so important to true human experience. A challenge in these times is to find ways in which we can be the agent of healing touch. Or, if we have received the healing touch, how can we, like Simon’s mother-in-law, provide a thankful service to the community?

Keep the eyes on alert and discover how often the works of Jesus were accompanied by healing touches and comforting words.

May we learn to do likewise.

Mons Frank