Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe 21 November 2021

“A kingdom of truth and life,

A kingdom of holiness and grace

A kingdom of justice, love and peace.”

So, we pray in the Liturgy for this Sunday.

Our State, Victoria, was released from all major restrictions at 11.59 on Thursday 17 November. Some called it “freedom” day. The concept of responsibility or accountability or care for others did not rate a mention; “You are now free to have a drink standing up!” shouted the headlines. What freedom! What joy!

Locked up when we had 8 Delta cases per day, freed when we are 90% double vaccinated with still 1000 cases a day. Well, we may recall Pilate’s statement to Jesus at the conclusion to today’s Gospel (sadly, not included in the reading) “What is truth?”


So important to human living, so abused in so many circles today and, indeed, often in the long history of humankind. One of the chief objectives of the coming of Jesus was, “I came into the world for this: to bear witness to the truth”.

If that witness was needed in Jesus’ time, so, too, sadly today. We have been often so slow to follow his example. Of course, we note, telling the truth has led many to a similar place of execution.

Truth has consequences. Glossing over or not revealing the full truth, never resolves the need for truth. Ask the recently resigned Australian Cricket Captain, ask the Chinese Leadership the whereabouts of their leading ladies tennis player, ask Church leadership about sexual abuse cases.


As we worship this weekend and reflect on the opportunities of the past year, let us endeavour to remember some special occasions these past months, that have enabled us to see the truth of Jesus’ proclamation just a little bit clearer, to remember when it has cost to speak truthfully or, sadly, when I faltered and remained silent. We rejoice at the positive and ask forgiveness for the failure, but we lift ourselves up again and pledge anew to follow he who is the way, the TRUTH, and the Life…

God’s reign according to Jesus is the ultimate truth and authority for the world.


Mons Frank

Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe 22 November 2020

The word ‘King’ in the Concise Oxford Dictionary is nearly given a column of explanation. Much of what is offered could be applied to Princes, Premiers, Prime Ministers, even Presidents. It could also be applied to Priests, Bishops, Cardinals and Popes. Further, parents, mothers and fathers could find words in that column to help them be ‘Kings and Queens’ in their own families.

Kings seem to be disappearing. Those who remain have had their powers clipped. Sometimes despots, tyrants and dictators replace them in what they camouflage as progressive moves. Temptations then arrive, even for the benign holder of the office; to extend occupancy for life or to seek immunity from prosecution for their misdeeds.

As well as build a Swiss Bank Account.

Whatever the title, the initial charge for the holder of such office was to safeguard their people and to be the final arbiter of disputes.

The vision prayed in the preface of today’s Mass:

  •  a kingdom of truth and life 
  • a kingdom of holiness and grace 
  •  a kingdom of justice, love and peace, 

was spelt out over the centuries, and happily we number many Kings and Queens of all orders amongst the Saints. Added to that charter is the statement in today’s Gospel, “…in so far as you did to one of the least of these brothers (“Tutti Fratelli”) of mine, you did it to me.” All, from the least to the highest, all of us in our kingly sphere will be judged by the same rule, be we of the ten or one talent recipient.

We look over our extraordinary Covid impacted year. Not all can return to the community celebration this Sunday, but we all can, in the privacy of our heart, commit ourselves to the ideals of the Kingdom as proclaimed by Jesus. We then set about the building of that state. 

What building block have you, have I, contributed to the cause this past year? 

Offer the response to our King this weekend.

Mons Frank 

P.S. Thanks for your encouragement for these reflections this past year.