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ACT- NSW Region  Magnificat – Staying Connected

Magnificat July 2021 – In This Issue: A Message from Regional the Couple

Magnificat April 2021

Magnificat December 2020

Magnificat 15 August   – “Maintaining Team Spirit In These Difficult Times”

Magnificat April 2020

Magnificat December 2019   – “Christmas greetings from the Regional Couple”

Magnificat September 2019

Magnificat April – May 2019

Magnificat  December 2018


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Newsletter 11th edition

Newsletter 10th edition

June 2018 – Ninth Edition


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October 2018


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Oceania Newsletter Feb 2021  – The hope is for a year of sharing, supporting and praying with more freedom and the joy that we are heading towards a stronger control of the pandemic. We do miss sitting around our table with our Team and feeling the warmth of human contact as we all tell our stories – their laughter and their tears.

Oceania Newsletter – Winter 2020

Oceania Newsletter January 2020  – What have Teams been doing? Online version.

Oceania Newsletter January 2020 – Printable PDF Version


ERI – Internional

ERI Letter March 2022

The Team Meeting as a celebration


ERI Letter November 2021

Teams of Our Lady: a school of married spirituality and holiness for couples.
On the way to holiness

ERI Letter Nov 2021 Londono

Vocation and Mission of TOL couples
Called and sent


Communication in times of difficulty. No 9

Dear friends, we are happy to greet you with this Newsletter that unites us and that we hope you will enjoy.
We wish you a good reading
Dear friends, we are happy to be able to greet you once again with this newsletter. We hope you will enjoy this page, which is a thread that unites us with one another, in anticipation of our virtual meeting in July.
We wish you a good reading

Communication in times of difficulty. No 7

Dear friends, the new year has begun and the time of Lent is about to begin, a journey that will lead us towards the Easter of the Lord. May the prayer accompany this strong time of our faith, grateful to our community of Teams our Lady, of which this seventh issue of the bulletin is a voice.

Happy reading
Dear friends, here we are with you again with this sixth bulletin in this time of prayer and reflection, as we await the arrival of the child Jesus, our Lord.
Remembering each other also through this bulletin we are sending you, we wish you a happy Advent and a good reading.

Communication in times of difficulty. No 5

Dear friends, we meet again after our virtual meeting and we are happy to give you this fifth bulletin. Many of you have told us that it is a pleasure to receive this page and so we have decided to keep it for some time.
We will send you a bulletin every two months and there will be an opportunity as well to ask you to contribute with interventions on your part.

Communication in times of difficulty. No 4

Dear friends, with this fourth edition we are at the vigil of our Extraordinary Virtual Meeting with the International College, at the end of August.
Looking forward to these moments of fraternity, reflection and conviviality, even if only virtually, we invite you again to have a good and pleasant reading.

Communication in times of difficulty. No 3

Dear friends, this is the third issue that we propose to you to share fraternity and prayer at this moment that we are going through.
We inform you that the present communication we are sending you, special for this period, replaces the usual Newsletter, which therefore will not be published.
We wish you a fruitful reading!

Communication in times of difficulty. No 2

Dear friends, we want to continue to cultivate our proximity as couples who walk in the Church and in the world.
We present to you this second moment of sharing which we hope will be an opportunity for all to feel united in these difficult times. Happy reading!

Communication in times of difficulty. No 1

We ask you to be patient if the translations are not perfect, because trying to be fast we will not be able to take all the necessary steps. We will try to be as rigorous as possible. Happy reading!

Letter from Clarita and Edgardo Bernal in time of pandemic…

The couple responsible for the Movement of the Teams of Our Lady, Clarita and Edgardo, address a few words to all the members of Teams