ACT- NSW Region

The ACT-NSW Region of Teams covers Canberra, situated in the Australian Capital Territory and Sydney, the capital of the State of New South Wales.

At the end of 2018, there were 16 operating Teams in the ACT-NSW Region involving around 79 couples and 7 Spiritual Counsellors, with 9 Teams in the Canberra (ACT) Sector and 7 Teams in the Sydney (NSW) Sector.

Current Regional and Sector Responsible Couples

ACT-NSW Region

Genevieve and Tim Power (right)

Sydney Sector

Denise and Michel El-Samra (middle)

Canberra Sector

Sarah and Mark Stoove (left)

Besides Canberra and Sydney Teams undertaking their regular monthly meetings, couples also participated in the annual Charter Mass (where incoming responsible couples were installed), the annual Formation Day (focusing on a developmental theme) and a Crossroads function (where Teams came together). Some special activities undertaken by the ACT-NSW Region in 2019 have been:

  • Hosting the Oceania Team meeting in Canberra;
  • Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the first Team meeting in France;
  • Making submissions to the Plenary Council; and
  • Discussing the ‘Vocation and Mission at the dawn of the third millennium’ document issued by the International Team.

Brief History of Teams in ACT-NSW Region

The first Team in the Region held its initial meeting in Canberra in late 1966. This Team comprised Joan and Jim Bowler, Barb and Bob Hutchison, Di and Frank Archer, Liz and Garry Raffaele, Margaret and Terry Healey, Pat and Wally Lambert and Fr Wally Black MSC (the MSC Order provided many Spiritual Counsellors supporting our Teams). 

Fr Harold Baker saying Mass around the Camp Fire for Team One
Team One on hike into Hidden Valley

Teams commenced in Sydney in the late 1960’s and in Nowra in 1972. Over the years the number of Teams grew and from 1996 a separate ACT-NSW Region was formed – prior to this we were under the support of a Victorian Region. There have been many wonderful Regional and Sector Responsible Couples guiding Teams in the ACT-NSW Region.

ACT-NSW Regional ‘Magnificat’ Newsletter

A regular Magnificat Newsletter for the ACT-NSW Region is produced and can be accessed by going to the ’What’s New’ tab.

Please contact one of the following Responsible Couples for further information

ACT-NSW Region

Genevieve and Tim Power

0437 013 328


Canberra Sector

Sarah and Mark Stoove

0466 155 096

Sydney Sector

Denise and Michel El-Samra

0411 044 291