Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time    Year C   22 September 2019

“God’s love for the world.

Vast, flood of mercy,

flung on resistance”.       Denise Levertov

Life can be, and often is, complex.

Sometimes complex questions can only be successfully addressed to small groups. Today the disciples are addressed. Perhaps the story was out about a rich steward of a vastly richer master who had been caught siphoning some funds despite his enormous salary? And even the rich master acknowledged the managerial qualities of his servant in learning about the actions taken to ensure his own future. He still got the sack but ensured his future.

Digging and begging was not on his agenda!

I doubt if that scenario is on the agenda of the top ten executives reported in our papers this week. The children of the world are still astute in dealing with their ups and downs!

It seems that Jesus was reminding “the children of light” to clean up their act now that the new prophet had arrived. Thus, a pertinent moment of decision for his disciples. What are you, who follow, doing to make sure you will be welcomed into “the tents of eternity”? This warning coupled with the final injunction “You cannot be the slave both of God and of money” is another plank in the following of Jesus platform.

Selfishness and generosity constantly disturb our equilibrium.

We are called to be generous…with our time, with our thoughts, with our deeds, with our wealth.

We may never measure up to the quoted standard:

” Vast, or flood of mercy”

and we will experience “resistance”.

Let’s add listening and patience and understanding to our list; generosity, above all, and that attitude will bring great changes to our lives and help change the world.