Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

It is finals time in country Victoria and elsewhere for footy and netball. North Bendigo defeated Gunbower Leitchville in the Heathcote league. The ‘Coddabeens’ were covering and the conversation soon got round to the challenges facing country towns. Lack of volunteers, lack of players, lack of time etc. One response to the lack of time was “they (it is always ‘they’) are too busy looking at their iPhones!”   Priorities!!

We are still in Luke’s section in which we are being invited to the banquet, and the qualities required to attend. Last week at table, the invitation was addressed to those who had invited Jesus thinking they had it all under control. Their meal was turned upside down. This week we are all on the receiving end. And watching our iPhone will not be a sufficient excuse.

These references to the banquet (the Kingdom) and the demands of discipleship together make the same point…the call of God issued by the prophet must relativise all other claims on life.

Thus, Jesus uses all sorts of words and images to illustrate his point. We are commanded to love our parents and our neighbour …and to love our God. Finding the balance can be tricky and difficult but find it we must. Spending too much time with our iPhone could disturb the balance. Our entanglement with persons, crusades, movements can, in effect, be a sight screen to justify our rejection or refusal of the invitation to the banquet.

May we pray with the Psalmist today: “In the morning Lord, fill me with your love.”

What a great way to begin the day.

Mons Frank

  • For all you loyal Magpie supporters- we were robbed. See you in 2017.

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