Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time   Year C   1 September 2019

It is natural to break a journey, even in an A300. We look forward to the drink and food trolley. It sometimes enables us to break the ice with our next seat passenger. It sometimes enables us to have a little quiet time…but things happen even at 39,000 feet.

Food is the catalyst and being seated around a table enables the discourse to be productive.

Time and place are not available for this weekend’s incident; we know not where this meal took place. However, the main ingredients are present:

  •  A meal
  •  A leading Pharisee
  •  “They”
  •  It was the Sabbath
  •  He had just cured the man with dropsy

They watched him closely…so much for a genuine invitation!

The doors are open for another lesson… Will those present have the appropriate ears?

There are pecking orders across all segments of society…and of all societies, not just the G7. Some are necessary, but places are not the real reason to get excited; to be invited is reason enough.

At the table we are meant to be fed, nourished, challenged and inspired. If in a sense there is no room on the guest list or on the agenda for the crippled, the lame and the blind, then our meal together will be the poorer. We may not always be able to celebrate like L’ Arche does, but our agenda must be open, like their tables are open.

Today the meal at the table is almost a forgotten art in so many houses. Real homes have real meals!

Jesus has just added “the measure of the Kingdom” to the common practise of hospitality so valued in his society.

Is it present in ours?

Mons Frank

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