Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

“What am I to do?”

We are still on the road to Jerusalem. The master is still under surveillance. Our Gospel journey  (notice our many sporting clubs are on  a ‘journey’, particularly at this moment ) has just related three  confrontations with opponents to Jesus and now he addresses his chosen few. We are not sure what prompted this incident. Did someone report the latest juicy story about a manager who was not ready to give an account of his actions and had found a clever way to make sure he had friends in the future? There were no social services in 30AD.

So much of the teaching is about how you manage possessions, with the implication that in time there will be a “Visitation of the Lord”. Possessions as such are not the basic problem!

You and I are the new, or continuing, “Children of the light” and we, too, will have a visitation of our Lord. Jesus is trying to alert the disciples to the dilemma and to enable them to make an astute response to the same question “What must I do?”

Part of the answer is found in Amos. We now market our wheat on the Sabbath….Is it time we began to recapture the reality as well as the spirit of the Sabbath?

Part of the answer is alluded to in Paul’s instructions to Timothy…a deep appreciation of the need for and place of prayer in our lives, particularly for men.

It is a timeless lesson this week. We all feel the tug between what we have, what we want, what we need and sometimes we remember “the time of our visitation”.

What then must I do?

I, too, cannot be the slave of God and of money


Mons Frank

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