Twenty -eighth Sunday in Ordinary time   Year B     14 October  2018 

“I prayed, and understanding was given to me; I entreated, and the spirit of Wisdom came to me.”

Most people tend, at some time in their life, to ask in their own way “What must I do to inherit Eternal life?” Their words reflect the basic sentiments of the rich young man. I believe that in their own way, they hear the substance of Jesus’s response; to keep the commandments.  They may not see the response as clearly as the young man. After all, he did not have to battle finding answers in his time as we now face our different challenges, e.g., as the paper said today, “to win back our pride we had to lose our ego” (The Australian). Being Prime Minister offers no protection from responding to the challenge of gay children and schooling. Some of our chicken farmers are under supreme pressure from the big retailers and the RSCPA to reorganise their sheds, to the extent that they have to install chains hanging above the chooks so they can play with them! These questions never arose in the time of Jesus but they, and others, are just as important in finding a proper response to the basic question that is still of major importance in our rapidly changing world; “What must I do to inherit Eternal life?”

One response is that taken very literally by Francis of Assisi. Not everyone can do that as literally as he did; and he was a very rich man. But we can use our riches, health, intelligence, information and wealth to bring change to our world. That will enable us to have treasure in heaven.

To move positively in our age, despite all the challenges, we need to heed the message about the Word of God in our Second Reading today and sincerely petition for the Wisdom offered in the First Reading.

Times are not easy, but soldier on and remember the words of Francis of Assisi:

“All the darkness of the world cannot extinguish the light of one candle.”


Mons Frank

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