Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year A. 19 August 2017


We need them! Even the secular advocates demand restitution for ‘boundary violations’.

This week has been plagued with examples of the need for clear boundaries e.g. in the world of mass migration, how do you define a person to be an Australian (and able to be elected to the Federal Parliament)? What boundary is indicated by your dress or the jewellery you wear? Are you in or out when on the boundary line in major sports? Whether or not Jesus made Tyre or Sidon, he was leaving Galilee behind!

Was it because of opposition to his teaching, or a desire for peace and quiet, or was he gently reminding the disciples that there was a far bigger world out there that in time needed to hear what he, Jesus, was offering?

The Canaanite woman provided an answer!

If she met him on Jewish soil, then our reflection takes one path. If Jesus met her on Gentile or pagan soil, then we are off on another path. But all paths come to Jesus, “the Way the Truth and the Life”, and the source of healing for all, even for the daughter. So many boundaries have been breached and new ones established. House-dogs can win the day!

Oh, the mysterious ways of the loving God. He chooses Israel to be “the light to the nations”. Then He sends his Jewish Son to invite the Gentiles to the table.

Perhaps we need to cross a few more boundaries today.


Mons Frank

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