Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

I was talking with Morrie today about ‘Things’.  Morrie is always on about ‘Things’. He is also a very devoted Guide at Sacred Heart Cathedral and, being a former University Lecturer in Art, Morrie knows a thing or two about the building and, indeed, the purpose of the building. Each year, the local Year 9 students do a grand tour and often produce an anecdote…or two.  Recently, one such student approached and began asking questions about the great western window. It depicts the image of Jesus as Sacred Heart and is flanked by Augustine, Patrick, Mary and Joseph; fairly traditional but rather beautiful when the sun is in the proper place. Upon being told that the man in the middle was Jesus, the student rather matter of factly remarked, “OK, I’ve been hearing a lot about him lately.”

We often speak about pivotal moments in our lives, in our sports, sometimes in our nation. On one level we can and rightly say to our political leaders:  “who do the crowds say I am?”  Some answers may be enlightening even for seasoned people!  But for our world, the question still is who is Jesus, full stop, and who is Jesus for me?

“You are, all of you, daughters and sons of God” writes Paul. It is said that Martin Luther often used to look in the mirror and say (or maybe pray)   “I am a son of God.” That reality is difficult to comprehend but truthful and pivotal for us.

One way of helping us realise that truth is by nosing around the truth:  “You are the Christ the son of the living God.”

Have a happy and peaceful week.

Mons Frank

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