Thirty -Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year A. 19 November 2017


A significant week for Australia.

The vote on same-sex marriage indicates a shift in the attitudes of a substantial number of Australians and left a solid number of no voters wondering what had happened. And it has happened! What the future holds, and what the ramifications of this change will bring forth, is a matter for great speculation. In that context, the report in the papers that the Japanese Rail Company had apologised to its customers for sending a train on its journey 20 seconds early says much about another culture, and deserves to be discussed here at home.

Pondering today’s readings indicates challenges ahead. Wife and husband! Will we be able to proclaim that? O blessed are those who fear the Lord (and look over their shoulder to see if Big Sister is watching).

But it seems to me that we face a moment of truth as measured by the Gospel. Have we spent our talents? Did we invest any with the bankers or did we bury them (or it) in the dirt? Have we accepted the loss of moral authority by our inept handling of recent challenges?  Have we been living in the dark for too long resisting the call to be people of the light?

If we continue to keep belting our heads against a brick wall we will continue to get headaches!


Perhaps the circuit breaker could be the forthcoming Plenary Council; but it needs to use the talents of all the Church. We have fallen into the dark before, and found our way out guided by the Spirit. Let us create an atmosphere of encouraging all to be enterprising with their talents and “not be afraid of the dark”. There are many awaiting the call, but that call needs to be a call akin to that made by our Pope. In going to Myanmar and Bangladesh he exemplifies clear leadership. Break new ground, go to the peripheries, take a positive message, surround it with love, be respectful of persons and be careful of demanding total obedience on matters that don’t matter.

Let each of us do the same with the talents that we have.


Mons Frank


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