Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary time.    Year A. 12 November 2017

The liturgical year is galloping to a close, as is the civic year.  “Where did all the days go?” is a rather common saying these past weeks.  Perhaps we have been asleep like the ten virgins! What do we find when the bells are ringing, and action is expected of us?

No oil in our lamps nor in our esky?

Like lamps, our bodies need fuel to do their jobs. The world news constantly gives us examples of the effects of lack of food and good drinking water. Our baptismal life need proper nourishment to complement the physical life of our bodies. Today we are all reminded that the Bridegroom, Jesus, will come to invite us to his banquet.

Will we be ready?

One of the great gifts of life with Jesus is what Paul picked up very early in his preaching: hope. People then and now often are troubled, puzzled, fearful of death… What’s it all about?  In a recent conversation, a prominent country funeral director commented that his company enjoyed Catholic funerals because “they, even in difficult situations, always offered hope, hence Paul’s words that “you do not grieve about them like the other people who have no hope”.

That is the promise.


The reality depends upon us having oil in the lamp and a little in reserve against a rainy day.

So, this week, we begin to check our Lamp.

Do we pray?

Do we give of ourselves, let alone of our possessions?

Do we read the Scriptures?

Do we strive to love our God?

Do we strive to bring love to others?

These practises will enable us to trim our lamps when the Bridegroom eventually comes, as surely, He will.


Mons Frank

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