Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Year C

The scholars indicate that Luke begins a new part of his gospel at 9:51, our beginning verse this week. They also suggest that we remember for the next nine chapters, the following verse:  “Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem.”

The preliminaries are over.

They also ask us to notice the audiences Jesus talks to; sometimes the Disciples, other times the crowds, or those seemingly accepting or rejecting his words.

This week we have a range: Samaritans and individuals who all had legitimate obligations. Underpinning his answers to all is a sense of urgency and a call for total commitment. Sounds a bit like today, a little like ‘Brexit’. The U.K. might wake up having nowhere to lay its head.

One difference is that, as he goes, Jesus keeps talking about the Word of God, even when people do not accept or understand.  I think that there is room for Teams members to revisit their own beginning in the light of today’s Gospel passage. You gave yourselves to each other, maybe, in some cases, without the benefit of ‘holes’ or ‘nests’. And maybe even having seemingly strict obligations to be attended to that had to be set aside, if the marriage was to proceed. Commitment is difficult, is demanding, is desirable, and is attainable, now as then.

As we go in his footsteps, some hear and become part of the people; others reject the word and find themselves rejected from the people.

Difficult, challenging, rewarding and satisfying.  Much better than missing the bus!

Mons Frank

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