Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 1 July 2018

“But they laughed at him.”

A fierce reception when you have just made a journey over the sea to your home country! He had just been on the other side which was mainly Gentile territory. We sometimes forget that in his own times, to speak with or to visit such places was frowned upon. Trade, like today, was a different matter. One could argue that Jesus went to trade ideas, but the destruction of the pigs in the land of the Gerasenes did not enhance his reputation, even though he saved the possessed man. So welcome home after busting one taboo.

God loves all, even a possessed Gerasene!

Now he faces on home territory two more taboos.

What do you do with a crowd that knows that the woman should not have been in their midst, let alone touched even the hem of his garment? Then he goes charging off to visit the twelve-year-old, she who is ready for marriage. That is bad enough, but she is dead! And then he places his hand on her.

God loves all!

Our world still has taboos. Some are different to those in Jesus’s time, some are not.

This Sunday celebrates the life and times of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and particularly their womenfolk who suffer much violence and yet have produced some extraordinary female leaders.

Let us try to take another step in breaking down the taboos that haunt our communities.

Mons Frank

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