Third Sunday of Easter. Year A. 30 April 2017.


We are discovering walking again. Nearly 70 years of TV has not completely reduced us to idle sofa lay- abouts. The concept of going with a friend and chatting about all that had happened is being rediscovered. However, for many, the friend is the Walkman or its current equivalent.  All too often it is accompanied by downcast eyes, and a casual “good morning” comes like a misguided North Korean missile! There is no room for the second person, let alone the possibility of the stranger coming up and joining the conversation.

Our wonderful story today is another beautiful example of the God of surprises.  Who would dream up this scenario?  A risen Saviour taking the time to hide his reality, once again becoming like us in all things (except sin), joining in (“what matters are you discussing?”) and politely listening to their version of what had happened!

The real point is that if it happened once (you can’t chain up the Holy Spirit), then it can happen again.

So, go walking…take a friend. Offer a greeting to all who come your way. Discuss the happenings. Take with you the belief “that he is the one to set Israel free”. Then allow the true Word to speak. It may not happen every walk, but it will. Try!


Mons Frank

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