Third Sunday of Advent    Year C  16 December 2018

“What must we do?”

John had obviously had an impact on that group of listeners. Maybe each of us has met an inspiring person in recent days, or maybe we are in a situation in which our care, concern or love for an individual causes us to ask ourselves “What can I do”? It is a more joyful situation than the oft heard exclamation “Oh, I should have done that?” or “If only I had known.” One can easily enumerate a series of happenings when we get caught. So often similar words are heard after a suicide or in a serious illness or, at times, in cases of family violence.

“What must I do?”

We still have the resources to share our tunics, to charge the appropriate rate, and to be a society that avoids intimidation and extortion, let alone be content with your pay! However recent Royal Commissions and ones to come in the New Year seem to indicate that there is plenty of room for improvement. Is any human being really worth $18 million to run a business for 365 days?

Each of us can implement John’s instructions at a personal level. Each can be an agent of change at our work place; though it may take time. We may have to recruit help, but it can be done and, in doing so, brings a sense of well being and a touch of joy to all concerned.

“What must I do?”

On another level, for this beloved Church of ours we must act there. The Church has called for ideas and practical suggestions to rid ancient restrictions and find a new expression of the authentic Gospel. Answer the call. All reform ultimately begins with people at the local level owning their position, in our case, at the parish level and making things happen. So, bring joy to the Plenary Council staff. Send your ideas. In a sense your ideas and involvement become the winnowing fan and is an expression of the activity of the Holy Spirit!

Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say rejoice!

Mons Frank

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