Third Sunday in Advent.  Year B 17 December 2017 

Gaudete or Rejoice Sunday.

Bendigo TAFE is in the midst of a building boom all under the banner of excellence in the Education State.  One Campus has a sign “Food and Fibre Excellence Centre.”

We rejoice this Sunday, for several reasons. Christmas is just around the corner, and with that fact our history reminds us that we will celebrate the birth of Jesus. Others rejoice for school has ended, some, too, for it is holiday season.

This gift of the loving God has given rise to many customs designed to honour the event, including the offering of gifts to one another. That action has largely been overtaken by commercial motives, which seek more and more sales whatever the reason.  The continual presentation of the failures of leadership, has not only embarrassed the people of God, but has clouded our presentation to the world of the true purpose of our beloved faith. The God who first revealed his glory on Mount Sinai, now gifts us again in giving us his Son. After all, only the Son has ever seen God! However, as we tell the story of the Son, we will learn the story of God’s loving action within the human story.

Our source of food and fibre…the liturgy celebrating Eucharist and the Word in the scriptures will surely be our source of excellence and enable us to change our world as the early Christians changed their times. We need to represent these truths in proper language appropriate to our times, a task undertaken successfully on many occasions in the past.

So, despite the hubris and flotsam and rubbish, nonetheless, we should rejoice and shout loudly:

” Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Indeed, the Lord is near.”

Mons Frank

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