The Feast of Christ the King.  Thirty Fourth Sunday of the Year. Year C 

There is always satisfaction in finding ‘home’ at the end of the journey. ‘Home’ is not always what we expected or anticipated or what we feel we deserve. There is the possibility that we may even arrive at what is truly good for us, and indeed for all women and men, and not recognise that we are at ‘home’.

That to me is the crux of the journey we have been walking this Liturgical year and we have arrived at home. On a cross, mocked now, even by the soldiers, and for the most part deserted by the followers and bystanders, we enjoy one added truth. We know today what they did not realise then: that there was a deeper truth holding up the cross on that Friday. The Resurrection.

Individuals may feel that at the end of this year we are surrounded by all sorts of jeering and mocking because we are believers, whatever faith stream we emerge from. We face many moral challenges…e.g. the many ‘Rights’ movements demanding our allegiance; the many physical demands for our dollars; the confusion over the call for commitment.

Bring the positive to bear this weekend. Remember the good that you have done in 2016. Think of the hope you have given to the ‘criminals’. Remember the instances that your charity changed the moment for some struggling person. Give thanks for those experiences of light when all seemed dark. Our journey is worthwhile. We, too, will hear “today you will be with me in paradise.”


Mons Frank

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