The Epiphany of the Lord – 7 January 2019

Years ago…Syria is only sand and death…and there is no wealth”. Welcome to the New Year of Grace 2019, according to the so-called leader of the ‘free world’.

These words provoked me in the context of our Christmas celebrations and looking forward to the further celebration of the spirit of giving which is implicit in our feast this weekend. Both feasts conjure up a sense of goodness and hope for a world tired and weary in 4 BC, and a world still in need of such gifts in 2019. We simply can’t dismiss a nation so flippantly as was done in the above quoted exchange. Those people are children of the living God who deserve a fair go and protection from the evil ones. They need to hear the hope of the Psalmist today:

“In his days justice shall flourish

and peace till the moon fails.”

We all need to hear those words and have our hopes raised, even a little, that there “will come a leader who will shepherd my people.”

The wise men call us to be people looking for the truth and being prepared to recognise that truth by giving of ourselves and giving in recognition from our bounty.

We believe that our world has been gifted with a new understanding of light, peace and love; or as John Bell of the Iona Community puts it:

Light looked down and saw the darkness,

“I will go there” said light.

Peace looked down and saw war.

“I will go there” said peace.

Love looked down and saw hatred.

“I will go there” said love.


So he,

the Lord of Light,

the Prince of Peace

the King of Love

came down and crept in beside us.

Allow the same “he” to creep in beside you this New Year.

Mons Frank

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